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Jean-Francois Questiaux
Jean-Francois Questiaux
  • Jean-Francois Questiaux
  • 3 weeks ago


I have this issue on a J4 site with latest version of CQ:

I set up a "Quizzes List View" menu item for registered users, so they can edit quizzes in the front end.
This works fine and when you click on "modify", the URL looks like : index.php?option=com_communityquiz&view=form&layout=edit&q_id=1&Itemid=211&return=aHR0cHM6Ly9qN...

But if I add a "Quiz Form" menu item, so they can create a new form in the front end, this menu item works fine but when you click on "Modify" on the first menu item, you get now a 500 error. It is because the URL now looks like index.php?option=com_communityquiz&view=form&layout=edit&q_id=1&Itemid[0]=212&return=aHR0cHM6Ly9qNC5iZXR0ZXItd2ViLmRldi9p...

Notice that "Itemid" is now "Itemid[0]", causing the error. Removing the "[0]" in the URL solves the problem, as well as unpublishing the "Quiz Form" menu item.

But for my application, I need both links...

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