How do you use rules to branch out to different sections

  • kimball
  • one year ago

I'm trying to figure out the logic to skip some sections in a long survey. It's a long survey, and not every user needs to take every section. Some of the sections are considered optional. I attached a flow chat of the logic.  The use case is something like this. 

The survey has 3 optional sections (or optional pages) of questions, in addition to a start page of basic questions and a finish page of questions. 
On the start page a multiple choice questions asked the user which sections they want to take: A, B and/or C. 
If the choose just A, they go to section A, skip over B & C, then finish. 
If the choose A & B, they go to sections A & B, skip over C, then finish.   
If the choose A & C, they go to section A, skip over B, go to C, then finish.   

Is there is way to use rules, or some other feature to set up this kind of user experience? 



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