Joomla! polling component to create beautiful polls on your site in less than 5 minutes and see instant results.

Community Polls

Self hosted polls

Host polls on your website and stores all data on your server with a self-hosted polls system. Your data is fully protected and securely stored on your server. 

User friendly design

Create polls from both front-end and back-end interfaces in minutes. All design elements are carefully arranged for a great user interface.

Faster performance

Designed and coded from the ground up with Joomla pure MVC design. The code is lightweight, loads, and runs faster. Runs on shared hosting as well.

Easy Poll Creation

Create fully functional polls in a matter of minutes with a single-page poll creation form.

Radio, choice or grid

Create single selection or multi-selection polls and grid-type polls with a simple form.

Advanced customizations

When needed, all advanced customization options are available for you to change on the same form.

Quick Reports

Whether you want to show the results immediately to the users or you want to see detailed reports, it’s your choice.

Instant results

Show the result of the poll immediately or hide it only for admin use. You can even show the results to only a set of user groups with permission settings.

Detailed reports and responses

When needed you can see each individual response of the users and download them as a CSV file from your back-end administration page.

Social Integrations

Get more visitors to your sites by allowing users to share your poll and spread the word among their social connections.

Bookmarks & sharing

With AddThis service integration, you can quickly enable the social sharing buttons on your polls.

Votes timeline & suggestions

The voting timeline allows you to display the historical voting timeline on a chart. Show a list of other polls in multiple suggestion lists to engage your visitors on all polls.

Front-End Management

Not just the back-end, you can create and manage polls from the front-end as well. You can allow front-end users to create their own polls with a powerful permissions system.

Poll creation form

Allow registered users to create their own polls and manage them. The front-end form is user-friendly and easy to use.

Public polls listing

All your polls can be listed on the website with the provided menu items. Or you can use the bundled module to display the list anywhere on your site.

Addons and Integrations

Community Polls comes with all required addons to integrate polls on your website, be it a module or a plugin.

Random poll & content polls

Show polls on any module position with the bundled module. Embed polls into your Joomla! articles with the content poll plugin provided.

User data management

Users can view and download their data such as polls and votes from the toolbar menu. It gives them full control over their data.

Developer Friendly

Community Polls is fully customizable with layout overrides and is extendable.

Plugin events

Extend the functionality of Community Polls with the built-in plugin events support. Trigger additional actions when the users created the polls or voted on them.

Joomla! MVC & layout overrides

We developed code with simplicity in mind. Following Joomla! MVC design and layout overrides, customizing the extensions is easier.


Most Popular Joomla! Polls Extension

Community Polls is the most popular and top-rated extension on Joomla! Extension Directory.

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