Elevate user engagement on your site with our simple and efficient Points Reward Extension. This powerful tool seamlessly integrates into your platform, providing a user-friendly experience while incentivizing interaction.

Efficient Point System

Reward your users effortlessly with a points system that encourages continued interaction and loyalty.

Seamless Integrations

Easily integrate the extension into your existing platform, allowing you to enhance user engagement without disrupting your site’s flow.

Boost Engagement

Keep your users actively involved with your site through a rewarding experience.

All-in-One Points System

Rewardify comes with built-in integrations with Joomla articles and user components. It also has integration with Shondalai extensions and many third-party extensions

Core Integrations

Award points for posting articles, daily logins, and many more. It also comes with Joomla! privacy plugin integration.

Migrate from extensions

Rewardify has built-in scripts for migrating your existing extensions with a one-click upgrade process. Move your existing extension data and continue your user engagement.


All Access Membership

No hidden costs, and no confusion. Get access to all our extensions with one simple membership.

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