Google Sheets integration now available in Community Quiz

Last year we introduced Google Sheets integration to automatically sync survey responses to Google Sheets documents. Today we are bringing this feature to Community Quiz. Starting v6.1.0 you can now add one-click integration with Google Sheets and your quiz responses are automatically sent to the connected document.

How to integrate your quizzes with Google Sheets?

The integration is done in a two-step process. First, the one-time setup of your Google Cloud API keys and then integrate the quiz with your Google account where the sheets are created.

One-time Integration

The first step is to create an integration app with Google Cloud Console. If you have not done it already, get yourself an OAuth 2.0 Credentials app created at You need to enter a callback URI when you are creating the OAuth credentials. The callback URI is based on your survey URL. e.g. https://yoursite/quizzes-menu?task=sheets.integrate

Now the next step is to copy and add your OAuth Client ID and Client Secret values in the Community Quiz options. Go to Components -> Community Quiz -> Click on the Options button on the toolbar -> Click on the Integration tab -> Enable the Google Sheets Integration option and add your OAuth details here.

Connect your quiz with Google Sheets

This is a quiz-specific task. Go to the Edit Questions page of your quiz and click on the Sheets button. This will take you to your Google login page, authenticate with your GMail ID and you are good to go. A new sheet is created on your Google Sheets page When a user responds to your quiz, a new row is added to the sheet.

Minimum System Requirements

With this release, we are moving away from the unsupported, legacy PHP5 versions, and the minimum PHP v7.2.5 or later is required. If you are still using an outdated version of PHP, we strongly recommend you upgrade your version as soon as possible.

Please do let us know your feedback and suggestions. We hope the new features help you with your business, please share your review and rating on the Joomla Extension Directory.



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