Introducing Answers Presets in Surveys

Are you creating a questionnaire that requires similar answers across many questions or surveys? We are bringing a new feature that allows you to make the job easier for you. One of the most requested and most useful features, Answer Presets, is now available on Community Surveys.

What are Answer Presets?

Answer Presets are the simplest way to create repeated sets of answers across multiple questions. For example, if you are creating a Likert scale questionnaire that requires 10 questions with the same answers, Answer Presets can help you quickly create them, without needing to type in the answers in every question.

Since the Answer Presets are maintained separately, you can use them across any survey once they are created. You can manage them just like a survey.

Important features

Here are the salient features.

  • Create an answer preset and add as many answers as you want in a single preset
  • Sort the answers as per your requirement in an answer preset
  • Add the entire preset to a question with a single click
  • You can also edit answers to the preset before adding them to the question

Bonus Feature

We also bring another addition to the survey form – bulk import answers. With the same form used for importing Answer Presets, you can also enter your custom answers and import them in bulk. Now you don’t need to enter each answer one-by-one, instead enter all of them in a textbox and import in one go.

Hope these features will help you. Please post your review and rating on the Joomla Extension Directory.



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