Introducing question banks feature on Community Quiz

We are pleased to announce the release of a most requested feature on Community Quiz – Question Banks. Starting in v6.4.0, you can create question banks and add questions to them. A new option is added to the quiz type to assign multiple question banks to the quiz.

How does it work?

A new menu item is added under the administrator component to view and add question banks. Once a question bank is created, you can click on the “View Questions” link on your question bank and can add questions to it. All question types are supported in the question banks.

What are the limitations?

Currently, it is possible to create question banks in the administrator site only. Although users can respond to quizzes created based on the question banks, front-end users cannot create question banks or add new questions to them.

Moving questions from one question bank to other is currently not possible, however, we are developing it. In future versions, you will be able to assign a question to multiple question banks and remove them from question banks you do not require. This feature will come in the future.

Update 27/02/2023 – v6.4.1 added the features to edit question bank assignments to questions.

What is the difference between category quizzes and question banks?

While category quizzes allow you to use questions from other quizzes in the same category, question banks follow altogether a different approach. There is no requirement to have quizzes or categories created to maintain the question banks. Questions can be moved between question banks and multiple question banks can be assigned to the same question (coming soon). It is this flexibility that differentiates the both. If you are creating new quizzes based on category quizzes, we recommend using question banks instead.

We hope this new feature will be helpful to you. Please do let us know your feedback, suggestions and any bugs.



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