Joomla! Privacy Module Integrations

Privacy and GDPR compliance are a few important features all site owners should take care of for continued business operations. With that in mind, we introduced several measures for GDPR compliance in our extensions in the past. Since version 3.9, Joomla! has built-in support for the privacy module, we are now deprecating all our custom implementations and will support the Joomla privacy module in our extensions going forward. As part of this initiative, we have implemented integration with the Joomla! privacy plugin system for the following extensions.

  • Sociable
  • Community Surveys
  • Community Quiz
  • Community Polls (v5.3.1)

The above extensions are now bundled with a Privacy plugin with the installer. You may need to enable the plugin from your site plugins manager to enable the feature. The plugins will automatically export the user data when a user requested their PII data. Also, the plugins will automatically delete all PII data when the user requested it.

To know more about how to set up Joomla! privacy feature, please visit the following link.

Please note that the Community Answers and CjForum still have their own dedicated GDPR features which will be replaced by the Joomla! privacy plugins in the future.

We hope these updates will help your business continue to comply with the local laws. Please let us know your feedback.



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  1. ssnobben

    Thks for considering this important rules for your extensions!

    1. ssnobben

      Is is also now in Community Polls?

      1. maverick

        Community Polls plugin is available from v5.3.1

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