Welcome to Shondalai

Welcome to Shondalai. Our new destination to the Joomla extensions and services.

Over the last 12 years, we are supporting thousands of our customers with our open source Joomla extensions and we are transforming into a much bigger stage. The small step in our transformation is a change of the domain name from corejoomla.com to shondalai.com. We are the same team behind corejoomla.com and continue to provide the same world-class support to all our customers. So here is what is going to be changed and how we would like to enhance your experience on our new website.

What happens to the extensions

All are the same except the name. We are the same people here as well. We changed only our domain name, and we continue to develop and support all our corejoomla.com extensions on the new website (a network site of BulaSikku Technologies Private Limited). There is no change in the license structure or support.

Why change in name?

This is the first question everyone asks us, fortunately, it is for all good things that we are going to do in the future. As we are transforming to a Joomla! extensions developer to the open-source software & services provider, we would like to move on with a fresh look and do things a little differently. In line with our future goals, we have new spaces for both Joomla! and WordPress development. Our mission remains the same – to serve the open-source community with world-class products and services.

Changes in pricing

The major change in our offering is the pricing structure which is effective immediately. We no longer offer individual pricing plans to our extensions. All our extensions will now come with a single subscription plan. See the pricing page to learn more about the new plan.

Existing subscribers

Individual plans of all our existing subscribers would be migrated to the new plan, free of cost, and would continue to enjoy access to all our extensions till their current subscription ends. All our bundle’s subscribers will get an additional year of access after the current subscription ends.

The old subscriptions purchased on corejoomla.com will no longer be renewed automatically. Since PayPal subscriptions cannot be carried over, we had to cancel all future payments. If you would like to automatically renew the new subscription, please add your payment details on the payment methods page. You can cancel the subscription or renewals anytime.

To receive your new subscription license key enter your email id on https://shondalai.com/my-account/lost-license. The support for activating the license is added in CjLib component v3.2. Please go to Components -> CjLib Api on your administrator site to activate the new license.

New subscribers

All new subscriptions are offered only on Shondalai.com ‘s pricing plan and all existing pricing plans on corejoomla.com are discontinued.

Updates and support

We are going to update all our extensions to support the new plan on shondalai.com. You will continue to get the automatic updates and support till your subscription expires. Please update to the latest versions as soon as they are available. To get the continued updates and support, please subscribe to the new subscription plan.

We have migrated all our past support forums to our new support forum. The support will be provided on our new support forum on Shondalai and the old support forum will be closed.

Past invoices

Should you need past invoices, please feel free to contact us and we can provide you the same up-to last 3 years. Invoices for all new purchases on shondalai.com will be available on the My Account page.

For security reasons, we have reset all user accounts’ passwords. Kindly reset your password at https://shondalai.com/my-account/lost-password/

Have questions or would like to give us your valuable feedback? Let us know in the comments section below.



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  1. OlivierF

    Sade to see you switched from Joomla to WordPress for your website, especially with the J4 arriving but this is the live and i wish you success.

    1. maverick

      Thank you for the wishes. I prefer to use Joomla as my preferred CMS all the time, however, I could not find a better shopping cart than WooCommerce which is the major reason for choosing WordPress over Joomla. Hope someone develops it for Joomla which just works!

      1. OlivierF

        We use Hikashop on our side and if you need a subscription system there is Payplan who is excellent.

  2. gibarra

    Hello Maverick! Greetings from Santiago of Chile. We expect to continue enjoying with your extensions and further improvements for the Joomla’s community. ¡Warm Regards!

  3. latino07

    Hi Maverick:
    I wish you success with this new venture. Thank you for providing all extensions for a $99 12mo subscription. This is a HUGE discount!

    Hope support will be the same you use to provide. Hope Joomla 4 delivers.

    Take care!


    1. maverick

      Thank you. We will continue to provide the same level of support going forward.

  4. HdCms

    Also surprised and a bit anxious!
    I find the general ergonomics of the site as not being very nice nor ergonomic !
    I also find the switch to wp as a bad sign. I know woocommerce/worpdress but I came back to joomla for many reasons. As a store I switched from virtumart to hikashop that I find very modular and scalable
    I was using only one product: Sociable, I will think if I take back a subscription with the release of Joomla4. I think it’s the best community solution compatible with custom fields!

    1. maverick

      Thank you for the feedback. Our switch to wp is only for this website and we are continuously evaluating all options. Maybe we will switch back to Joomla again in future. Nevertheless, all our other websites continue to be on Joomla and we keep on recommending Joomla for sites which are not shopping sites. On personal preference my I use Joomla for all my websites given its flexibility with ACL, customisation etc. Be assured nothing is changed with our Joomla development plans and we are committed to deliver continued updates for all future Joomla versions.

      1. HdCms

        Thank you for this clarification.
        My biggest problem is going to be paying more for one extension!!
        I don’t see any other extensions that appeal to me today. I was going to buy a subscription with the release of joomla4 but now I will wait.
        You could have made a degressive price according to the number of extensions purchased, given the flexibility of the shop!

  5. webmaster.cyclo

    Hi Maverick,
    I wish you success with this new adventure WP & Joomla! v4.
    Regarding our small cycling club needs, we only use GPSTools, so we would appreciate to consider pricing for a single product. With “shondalai” new pricing model, we encounter 300 % price increase, for a single component. This impact lot our site cost model.
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Best regards, Gil

    1. maverick

      Thank you Gil for the feedback. The bundle price is reduced by 160%, so the price increase is about 30% only ($99 vs $75 for GPS Tools) but you get access to all other extensions at no additional cost (and also consider the fact that there was no price increase in the last 3 years). We hope they will help your business in the future. Wish you good luck.

  6. ssnobben

    Yes its pity though it will create less creativity and focus on enhancing Joomla extensions. Now with Joomla 4 and many good Joomla e-commerce solutions this is really a pity. But now I will purchase a Joomla subscription bcs I want to support your efforts to be Joomla 4 compliant and you seems to take that serious too.. cheers!

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