Acymailing Integration

  • dsrpmedia
  • 4 months ago


the community quizzes component looks to be almost exactly what we are looking for, but there is one piece missing

our vision is to have the quiz integrated with acymailing autoresponder campaigns, so that:

a) when the quiz is completed the user is added to an acymailing list. (this may already be possible if the client is registered to the site via the submission process? (ie does the client have to register to the site THEN take the test, or can the client be added as a user at the time of submission - related - can the user be added to a specific user group depending on the quiz they submit?)

b) ideally the results of the quiz would be included in the first acymailing autoresponse (sent upon quiz submission)
it is ok if the full results are sent as an attachment using the existing certificate templates format - acymailing is set up to send attachments, but there needs to be a way of telling acymailing specifically which (users) attachment to send.
*bonus points if a simple 'pass/fail, or the actual test score is included in the body of the acymail email (eg you passed with a score of 85%!)

How much / how long would it take to add these features?

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