all answers are fine, even if they choose fewer

Nataša Řezníčková
Nataša Řezníčková
  • Nataša Řezníčková
  • one year ago

Is it possible to use the quizzes in such a way that they can choose any answer and wouldn't that be wrong?
For example, when determining personality. Depending on which answer they choose, the number of points is added, but no answer is wrong, but also if they choose fewer answers, it is not wrong. If they choose all the answers it is correct, if they choose only some answers it is correct and if they choose only one answer it is also correct. Can it be used in such a way that points are added according to the choice of answers and then based on the number of points it comes out what kind of personality it is?
If I do multiple choice and mark all the answers as correct, they can choose one or more or all of them and it's always correct. Can it be done that way? I didn't find the option to set it up. If I specify that all the answers are correct, but the person chooses only some, then the question appears to be wrongly answered - I can't use it that way. Is there a setting?

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