Bugs that need to be fixed % feature request

  • rfmjoe
  • 7 months ago


I have using cjforum now on my website www.cardmonsters.de for quite some time now. Overall I am very satisfied with the features and it is my fav. forum component.
Nertheless, there a a few letdowns, missing features & bugs that need to be fixed asap!

Here is a list of bugs i have issues with:
- incomplete translation: it is impossible to translate the timestamps into german. those strings seem to be hardcoded. this needs to be fixed so we can translate "6 minutes ago" or "3 days ago" into german as well.

- router problems: maybe for a correct routing it is necessary to publish the categories-module of cjforum. if not, the sef-urls are a mess.

- SEF-URLS for the member-profiles need to be added. example:


- duplicate content urls:

maybe some of these happens only if you dont publish the category module or publish it afterwards when the incorrect urls are indexed already. but if the module is important for the correct sef urls, this needs to be better discribed in the documentation. possible solution: create a shadow-menu for it, or publish it on a module pos where it is not visible in frontend to make correct SEF-URLS work.

- make replies counter also visible on forum home page!
currently only the number of topics is displayed, not the replies. this looks like a not very active forum - if you publish the no. of replies for every category too, the forum seems more active. just count togethere all replies in one category and subtract the topics:
example: 5 topics / 17 replies
screenshot (i mean this view):
cjforum topics no replies

- make forum/user-permissions more user-friendly after installation:
most of the joomla users assume that the forum is working with proper rights after installation. in cjforum you can configure every single permission for every user. this is good, but provide the basic permissions at the beginning after installation.
users should be able to see the forum, post replies and post their own topics.

- signature not visible when i create a new topic. for some weird reason my signature is only visible when i reply to a topic but not if i create a new topic? why is that? bug or feature?

- why does the first topic look different than the other replies? (smaller avatar, no signature, etc....) - feels unusual.

- improve the module for new topics/trending topics:
same problem as for the component - timestamps langue strings are not translateable currently. please make this possible.
please make it visible who has posted the last reply for a certain topic! currently it only shows that there is a new reply to a topic created by XXXXX. But not WHO has replied to that topic! - this is by far the most relevant information!

that`s it for now - plese fix these issues and cjforum will beocme the most popular forum component. the joomla community needs a PERFECT forum component. kunena is much to big and buggy - cjforum is perfectly right to take this place.
keep up the good work and bring on the next update asap! :-)

- 1 new bug: you see that uploaded images break the layout of the forum - you need to add a css-rule for that




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