Cannot start a survey

  • madjari
  • 5 months ago

For demo purposes I tried to create a very simple survey and start by answering it.
When clicking the start survey button, I always get an empty yellow message box.
Looking at the page source, it tells me: "Your response contain errors which are highlighted in red. Please correct them and try again."However, at that point in the process there are no responses given, as I just try to start the survey.
You can try it out yourself by following the link

The situation occurs after a clean install of the component and after allowing public to answer queries. So it should not be a rights issue, which anyhow would be reported by another error message.
Sadly, ever since updating beyond version 4.5.5, I have not been able to make a single survey work.
I very much look forward to your response and to a solution.
Kind regards, Andreas

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