Category Groups

  • GeeksGamers
  • 7 months ago

Hello CJ Staff! I've been playing around with the extension that there's a feature I'd like to request. 

Currently, as you know, the software has Top Level categories, which are used essentially as section headers, and Forums. Subcategories inside of this can be displayed, but they're displayed as folders inside of a forum listing.

What I would suggest is allowing users to create a category group. If they have, for instance, 10 categories, they can group them into two groups of five top level categories each. Then, you can make a menu item link to a group, so that you could essentially have two different pages of different forums. This helps because organization through top-level categories is a possibility, but you can only link one top-level to a menu item at a time. I think it would be useful to be able to link to a group, so that multiple top-level categories can be displayed.

Let me know if this is possible. Thanks :)

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