Change question url old url still available

  • Vin
  • 2 months ago

Hi there,

I've noticed something, for a long time already. I hope we can get it fixed.

If I change the url of a question, changing the alias, the question is still available at the old url. If you type the old url, which is supposed to be expired, you will still see the question.

That also means that the same question will be found with both urls, old and new. This is a big problem because I can't redirect the old url to the new one: as you know, in order to trigger the redirect, the old url needs to be expired. If the old url, that I changed, still leads to the question, the redirects doesn't work.

How could that be that if I change the alias of a question, I get the new url but I still keep the old one?

Therefore, steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. change the alias of a question
  2. visit the old url of the same question
  3. you won't get a 404 page but you'll see the same question, like if you didn't change the alias and the url.
  4. the new url is available too and leads to the same question, which means 2 url for the same question.

I'd really appreciate your help.


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