community polls - no vote possible

  • ThommyS
  • one year ago

Dear all,

I face a problem with polls. If I create a poll e.g. with 10 possible answers and allow users to give 1-5 answers, no voting is possible.
It doesn't matter if you choose one ore multiple ansers. If you click on vote, nothing happens... 

Has anyone any idea? My systeminfos:

Community Polls: 5.0.10


PHP-Version 7.3.19
Webserver Apache
PHP-Interface für den Webserver cgi-fcgi
Joomla!-Version Joomla! 3.9.19 Stable [ Amani ] 2-June-2020 15:00 GMT
Joomla!-Plattform-Version Joomla Platform 13.1.0 Stable [ Curiosity ] 24-Apr-2013 00:00 GMT


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