CommunitySurvey - Public can see Surveys configured for members only

  • alisernio
  • 7 months ago

I tried to configure a site getting it ready for production similar to how I had surveys working in the test system. The permission functionality for Surveys is not working.

I'm using surveys in articles. The article is configured for Public access. But the surveys in the article are configured to only allow a new User Group and Access Level to see them. 

When I go to the page without logging into the website (so public user), I can go to the article, see the surveys, and take them. I should see the page but get the notice saying I'm not authorized. I had this working before so it's something overriding the setting somewhere. Any idea what it can be. Here is the setting one of the surveys:

I've looked everywhere. Global Settings, the Options Settings for Community Survey. I'm at a loss. I've searched forum and couldn't find anything similar.

Here is public setting (the one giving me problems):

Public Setting

Here is general member setting only allowing users that logged in and are in the general member group to response to survey and see results (I have the Category that the survey is in with the setting to allow responding and viewing results - why it's inherited):

General Member Setting







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