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  • ad682005
  • 4 months ago


Please watch this screen recording of CJForum categories display page on my website - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wVlKGOr-TrYTOhj4Jz_56uza7ggf1pGc/view?usp=sharing


As you will see

For the 1st 2 Forum Categories which have sub categories - all the sub-categories to which I have access are displayed in the main display page.

But for the 3rd forum category (Course Discussions) - It has 2 sub categories to which  my user login has access. But I can see only the 1st one. When I go into the scategory (Course Discussions) - then I can see both. But when I come back to the maibn page - I can see only one.


Why is this happening? This is happening only and only with this particulary category and sub-category. It is not happening with any other category or sub-category.


Please help.

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