Get field values of Easysocial user profile in Sql fields of Community Survey

  • hergy
  • 2 months ago

Easysocial by is an extension to set a social network site.

I'd like you to set some sql param in Community Survey fields so when user fills a survey he could retrieve values of fields from his Easysocial user profile.

For instance, user Nelly has entered value "Accountant" in field Occupation from his ES profile. Now when Nelly fills the survey, at another field named Occupation, he must select the value he entered in his profile, so "Accountant". Idem for other fields:

- Gender                       (Gender field)
- Birthday                     (Birthday field)

- Occupation                   (TextBox field)
- Category                     (Dropdown field)
- Current professional domain  (MultiList field)
- Company                      (TextBox field)                   
- Industry                     (MultiList field)

Can give an extra 25 USD for this.

Help please.

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