Module on page should display the Voting Form and not just the description

  • FrankyD
  • 2 months ago

I want to use a Poll in a Yootheme Pro Template. So I made a module position in Yootheme Pro and loaded the form of the poll.

OK, now I found the solution myself. The correct Module is the Random Polls.

Which is such a misleading name, that I have not found a solution for 3 hours! Please add something to the module name, as that is pretty missleading.  I am not a native speaker, so I do make mistakes. 
Maybe you do a poll, if you could come up with a better wording, or some add on like:
"Poll-Form & Radom Polls in Module

I just post this, as I searched so long with the wrong terms. Maybe this post will help someone else.
Have all a great day. ??

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