options can not be deactivated for frontend users

  • christoph@hochgatterer.eu
  • 7 months ago

Hi, I read all available doc I could find but could not figure out a solution, please help. I want to give users of the site sirsurvey.com the possibility to do simple surveys if they have an abonnement with me as a goodie. (The Abo itself is more complicated, individually designed surveys on/with a seperate system). They will not need all the options that they have now with CS.

So all I want them to do is (in the frontend):

1) create a survey when they are logged in

2) no options to be entered by the user (publish, private, mail, unique URLs, languages, activated...) but all preselected from me (admin).

3) publish the survey and get only the global link shown they could then send to the people they want to ask.

What I got to work is 1).

Several things do not work, all in the frontend editing part for registered users:

add 2)

- I was able to deactivate attrib-basic and attrib-options but they are still there as buttons

- was not able to deactivate publishing options

- was not able to deactivate language options

- was not able to deactivate/and prefill setup options: jform_restrictions

- was not able to deactivate/and prefill setup options: jform_tags

- was not able to deactivate/and prefill setup options: jform_survey_key

- was not able to deactivate/configure which statistics a user sees from his own surveys.

I tried all doc on ACL and options but there seems to be issues. In case you need login please let me know I can send it.


Thanks, Christoph

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