PMS ( private messaging) feature documentation?

  • rotec
  • 4 months ago

I can't find this information on the wiki site, and can't seem to find it anywhere obvious in the backend either.

Where do I configure this?


Right now I can see the PM symbol in the header when I am logged in as administrator.

I can send a PM to a user, and they get the email notice just fine.

But the user is not showing the PM symbol in their header, nor is there any other indication on the website to show them they have a new PM to respond to.

Our requirement is that the Super-admin can send messages to any user, and the user can reply. But the user is not able to send any message to any other user, nor to initiate a new message to the Supder Admin.

So far all that functionality is working perfectly.


BUT our main ( indeed, only) application for PM is for the Admin to be able to advise the User that emails from the website are BOUNCING BACK to the site. Obviously, the PM email notice is not of any use in these cases where the user email address is bouncing back.


So we need the users to be able to see a very noticeable alert when they visit the forum.. right now they can see nothing...


It's important that users never see the PM symbol unless there actually is a message from the admin waiting for them.

( we don't want our users expecting that there is a PM system available for them to use "amongst themselves"...)


PS: in "Permissions" I have it set so that only Super-Users are allowed. And this seems to work fine for what we need: except for the "Display of incoming messages".

We do want all users to be able to see that they are getting a message from the Admin...



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