Powered by CjBlog showing on all articles

  • iamlove
  • 8 months ago
CJBlog - 1.1.8
Joomla 2.5.17

The Powered by CjBlog is showing on all articles, which you can see from this example http://www.seekwithinyou.com/schedule/318-online-meditation. The only way I can figure out how to remove the link is to manually put in categories to exclude in the content plugin. I have a lot of categories. Also, I already have categories listed in the "include categories section". Not understanding why it is showing on the other articles. It says on the content plugin that the exclude category would be ignored if the include category section was used. In any case, can you help me with this? I have looked at previous posts, however, the way to remove the link back is not working. When I go to components/com_cjblog/cjblog.php these are the last few lines of the code. What do I remove?

$class = 'CjBlogController'.JString::ucfirst($view);
$controller = new $class();

echo '<input id="cjblog_page_id" value="'.$view.'" type="hidden">';
echo '<div class="center">Powered by <a href="http://www.corejoomla.com" rel="follow">CjBlog</a></div>';


Thanks for your help!
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