Reports Username Column

  • lacwebadmin
  • 2 months ago
Hi Maverick, When using a multiline question field, in the reports it has the Username column and if my survey doesn't let the user login, it shows Guest. Well, I use the Invite feature and group that I use to send the invite has Names, so is it possible to show the Name of the person who participated instead of Guest? Also, the column name instead of Username maybe it should say Name or Participant.  Maverick, also in the new response email, in the template there is a placeholder {AUTHOR_NAME}. When I get the notification, the {AUTHOR_NAME} is blank. Should this also pull from the Invite Lists name column? Technically, the responder is not anonymous at all. Just a side comment, can you use a different placeholder name for this, something like "{RESPONDER_NAME} or {PARTICIPANT_NAME}", the {AUTHOR_NAME} is also used in the new survey template. Thanks!

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