Reports via answer to question / questions

  • karl.sherlock
  • 7 months ago

Can anyone help me....????


I have a Survey and the report for it is fine, however Im now needing to produce reports specifically linked to

particular answers. 


For Eg.

My Question 1 may say :- Which Site Did you Visit?  (Now i can list the sites as possible answers as per norm)

But id like to then get just the report for people who selected Site A for example.

I can see this also then becoming an 'IF AND' query 

Ie Question 2 is :- Who was your guide? (with a drop list to select the name)

So i may wish to get the normal report but only for the reponses that meet the critera

Answer 1 x AND Answer 2 Y


Any Ideas?


Many Thanks In Advance Im a complete Noob at doing this stuff but getting there! :-)

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