Save Button - how suppose to work

  • alisernio
  • 7 months ago

Not clear on how the SAVE Button is suppose to work so thought I'd ask since it doesn't seem to be working too well on my site.

But first, can you tell me where I go to change the COLOR of it?

Now on to real question:

I have multiple SURVEYS on one page (average 15) so I enabled the SAVE button so users can scroll through and vote and move on to next survey. But if they thought they had an answer but unsure, they could hit SAVE and come back to it later.


So I experimented and HIT SAVE on one or two Surveys. I then either REFRESHED Page and/or went to another page and came back. When back on page, the VOTE I had placed was not there. So my interpretation is that it didn't "save" my vote. My voting is just simple radio buttons.


So how is this suppose to work? Is this a defect?

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