Select Invites etc. from a Library

  • steveo
  • 3 months ago

Here is the use case: I have multiple surveys, all of which will have custom email invitations, thank yous, reminders, etc. I can currently store a new invite, but only the default invite is used when I go in to send out invites. As it is, I have to create a template either on that page (which then isn't stored) or on the template page, which I then have to cut and paste if I want to reuse it.


Add a drop down on the page that shows up when you click the "Invites" link under the survey. This list would be of invites stored in the "Email Templates" list. When selected, that template shows up on the page, can be edited, named, stored, etc. and is used as the template for the invite when you send it out.

Final Complete Vision:

It looks like there is a field to store what type of template you are creating, so eventually there could be a drop down list for the type of template when you create it: invite, reminder, thank you, new response, etc. that could be used as a filter so that the template only shows up in the appropriate context, e.g. invites when you are on the invite page, reminders when you are doing them, etc. It might make sense to be able to associate the various templates with one (or more) specific survey, For example, Survey 1 might have Invite Template 5, Thank You Template 12, and Reminder Template 2 associated with it.

Thank you for considering this suggestion!

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