Several issues with CJBlog new installation setup

  • ad682005
  • 6 months ago


I installed CJBLog and creted menu for display of blog & menu item for create an article.

Issue 1

If I access the create an article menu item ( without being logged in as a user, it gives an error message. Refer image 1.jpg

I am assuming it requires permissions as logged in user. If yes, then it shoudl display a login form instead of error message. How to set that up?


Issue 2

When logged in as user and then access the create an article menu item, it display the user profile edit screen by default. I have configured the user profile system to be integrated with CJForum. And using CJForum, user has already populated the profile details.

Inspite of that, the user profile details are shown as blank - not filled up.

Refer image 2.jpg

Bsides, why is user profile edit being displayed for menu item of type "Create an article"? Shouldn't that be a separate function?


Issue 3

The mouseover text display is shown too far right and out of screen & no way to scroll. Refer image 2.jpg


Issue 4

Banned date is displayed. If I am a user creating my own user profile, then why would I ban myself? This field should ideally be kept at backend only for administrator &/ not for self.


Issue 5

When I click on save - I get an error message "Save not permitted" and then user details are displayed and this time correctly displayed from CJForum user information. Refer image 3.jpg

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