Show all map info when selecting a track from the GPX Tracks Module

  • asmeets
  • 5 months ago

When a track is selected from the GPS tracks module it opens a information window of the type 'google.maps.Infowindow'.

Because I use additional information about a track including a description and pictures the standard size if not sufficient, so I changed the maxWidth value to 800 pixels. Modifications are shown below. 

var infowindow = new google.maps.InfoWindow({content: content, maxWidth: 800});

I have to do it manually but that is not a big issue. The thing that concerns me and is the reason for this feature request is the following:

Suppose I am a visitor of the site an I am on the map and I open a track, the information window shows me everything in the description filed of that track. I a visitor wants to see more, like the track, elevation profile etc. the title needs to be selected (this need ste be explained to a visitor). The track is then opened in its own page and the gpx tracks module is closed. Suppose it is not what the visitor is looking for he/she need sto go back to the map zoom in on map again and find a track. And this process repeats for every track a visitor wants to check.

Preferred solution:

Is it possible to open the track with all its information some kind of pop up? Exactly the same information as on the track page should be shown. If it isn't what the visitor is looking for the pop up can be closed and the map is on the same position as before the pop up opened. Is it what the visitor is looking for the track can be downloaded. 

The pop up should replace the information window. 

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