simple text message to display AFTER a vote?

  • cjD6756
  • 13 months ago
I really like this extensions, definitely glad I purchased the subscription because I can see there is a strong future for this.

My question is, how can I display some sort of message AFTER a user votes on a poll? My preference would be for a little AJAX section of text to automagically appear on the screen (not a popup) with a some sort of thank you message.

The message could be used to thank them for voting, to suggest related websites to visit for more information, to tell them when the next poll is being published, tell them how many points they just earned, etc. Lots of uses.

:!: Most important to me - It could let a poll be used as a very basic quiz and display the "right answer" from the poll choices after the vote. For example, have a True / False poll and the correct answer is displayed after the vote. Users can also then see how many people voted true or false in the poll results. See all the value that extra message creates? :D

Adding a simple text message in the process flow to display after a vote seems like a simple feature to add but would provide a lot of additional value to the polls. For me, it would eliminate any need for a separate quiz component. :idea: It gives you a new use case for promoting your component too.

:?: So how can I do this? Is there a hack or upgrade that can provide this feature? Thanks again for an excellent extension!

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