Survey - additional programming
  • 7 months ago

1) CSV-Export
CSV-Export gives me some joomla-user-data (user-id, user-name, loginin-name). If I need more user-data (e.g. email-address and last visit-data), which file do I need to manipulate?
Is it
or different/others ones???

2) Additional profile-fields
As said in 1), I´d like to have even more additional user-profile-fields. Do you have any suggestions for joomla-extension that would work easily with it?

3) Unique Survey URLs without user-login
I gonna use "Unique Survey URLs"  - with one unique URL for a certain user. But I´d like to give the user the possibility to do the survey without the need to login with username and password. But I want to allocate the URL to the user myself.
So first of all I would give user-profile a new field with unique-URL per user...
Then when starting the survey I need to check the unique URL and fetch the associated user-ID. In the end I need to save the user-id to database (like user would have been logged in).
My question: Which/where are the files I need to manipulate?
>>file which says the name "of unique survey url"
>>file writing data (user-id) into database

Thanks alot for help!

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