Toolbar: hover and styling

  • Vin
  • 6 months ago

Good evening everybody, this is my first post.

I just started using Community Answers and I have some issues.

First, with the toolbar, that is "Answers - Discover": Discover unfold when mouse hovers on it; what if I wanted to make it behave like in the demo site, that is activating it by clicking on it?

Then: Is there any way to change something about the toolbar: can I change it from "Answer - Discover" to something else, changing the 2 words? Is there any level of personalization we can possibly achieve?

The list comes out with Trending questions - Latest questions and so on - Most answered questions and so on....what I don't need all those items and I want to get rid of some of them?

Please note: my settings are : "Load Bootstrap CSS" = NO; "Default Layout: BS3". If I load Bootstrap CSS, the layout shows some glitches and inconsistencies: maybe this is for another topic though.

Thanks for now.

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