Troubles with embedded video

Dallas Grant
Dallas Grant
  • Dallas Grant
  • 2 months ago

I'm having a small issue posting embedded videos using iframe. Might be a Joolma setting and not a CJforum setting, but I'm having difficulties trying to resolve the issue.

If I post as an administrator, it works just fine regardless of how I post (admin panel or main site).  If I then log in on my non-admin account, it appears to work fine as it will show the preview just fine and I have the text editor set for the user type to have access to this function; however, as soon as I submit it, the video is completely deleted from the post.  If I go back to the post and edit as this same user, it again will act correct but not post the video.

I can log into the Administrator Panel and edit the post adding the video and it will post just fine looking this the OP actually posted the video (of course, I want nothing to do with that though).


Does anyone allow your members to post videos and can push me in the direction to correct this small error?

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