Urgent - PHP7 Bug

  • drjjw
  • 6 months ago

Originally, I thought this was an htaccess bug but Community Polls does not seem to be compatible wih PHP7:

After installing PHP7, when submitting a vote using the component or when embedding a poll, voting fails.

In console when viewing the component and voting, I get this error:

jquery.min.js:5 POST http://DOMAIN.com/polls?task=poll.vote 500

(Call to undefined function MaxMindDbReaderbcadd())send @ jquery.min.js:5m.extend.ajax @ jquery.min.js:5(anonymous function) @ cj.polls.min.js:466m.event.dispatch @ jquery.min.js:4r.handle @ jquery.min.js:4

Reverting to PHP 5.6 allows me to vote again. Using:



PHP 7.0.5

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